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EPA OBDII Direct Fit Converter #641542

11-16 4 Cyl. Hyundai Elantra, 1.8L Engine, SULEV Emissions, Manifold Unit, Front
14-16 4 Cyl. Hyundai Elantra, 2.0L Engine, SULEV Emissions, Manifold Unit, Front
14-16 4 Cyl. Kia Forte, 1.8L Engine, SULEV Emissions, Manifold Unit, Front

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AP Integrates Design and Manufacturing Engineering With Machine and Tooling Expertise

AP employs advanced automation, robotics and computer controlled monitoring as part of its quality and production management systems.
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Every Vehicle Has Specific Needs; Custom Fixtures Create Accurate Exhaust Components

Proprietary fixtures serve as the quality control template throughout the production process.
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At AP, Everything Starts With Steel

On an average day, AP processes over 125,000 feet of finished tubing for creating exhaust components.
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What Killed The Catalytic Converter?

Catalytic converters die in one of two ways: fire and poison; neither is very pleasant.
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AP Emissions is Committed to Quality, Coverage and Delivery

AP Exhaust has been in the marketplace since 1927, and today has hundreds of employees working as hard as they possibly can to produce the
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How To Make a Muffler That Meets OEM Standards

AP offers customers muffler design options for virtually any vehicular application in form, fit and function.
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Dirty DPFs Will Idle Diesel Fleet Productivity

The key benefit of DuraFit DPF is that it is a lower price alternative replacement compared to the OE.
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How Is A Quality DPF Made (And More Importantly, How Does It Work)? 

Durafit utilizes its own coating designs, state-of-the-art coating process, steel processing, canning, and welding.
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News Flash – Not All Diesel Particulate Filters Are The Same

Designers of diesel aftertreatment systems continue to focus on ways to improve the performance of these systems.
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Understanding The Most Common Causes Of DPF Failures

A truck's diesel particulate filter (DPF) removes diesel soot from the exhaust emissions of a diesel engine.
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Understanding Catalytic Converter Function And Performance

When a catalytic converter fails, it's typically because of poor vehicle maintenance and the engine management system.
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How To Fix Catalytic Converter Problems

This video discusses diagnostic procedures for common catalytic converter problems.
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