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Automotive & Light Duty Trucks

Getting it RIGHT, the FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME. That’s what experts do.

Highest Quality Parts

AP Emissions’ complete line of exhaust and emissions control products puts the highest quality, most innovative solutions into the hands of distributors, DIYers, weekend warriors, and racing professionals. We’ve been the supplier of choice because we understand what you need, know how to get it to you fast and never waver from quality-controlled manufacturing.

AP Emissions Technologies has you covered, from direct fit OEM replacement to hard-to-find parts for import sports cars. For the businesses that carry AP, that translates into a high-performing exhaust and emissions category.

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Automotive & Light Duty Trucks

AP Emissions Technologies gets it right, the first time, and every time.

Medium & Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles

Reliability and uptime determine value...and success for your business.


Power, sound and appearance . . . The choice is yours

Catalyst Technologies

Catalyst Solutions For Your Specific Application Long-lasting performance and emissions compliance.


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